Š P A G E T K A – for adoption!

Little Špagetka is looking for her forever home! 🥰❤️🐾 Špagetka is a loving older kitty (estimated 11 years old) that is looking for a family to spend the rest of her life with. 💕🐾 She is an absolute sweetie that loves to play with her toys (she plays like a kitten!), snuggle with her humans, and of course eat! 😸 Spagetka has previously lived with her ‘brother,’ Cípisek, another kitty who unfortunately recently passed away from cancer. 💔 She could go to a single-kitty home where her humans could give her a lot of attention (she does suffer a bit from separation anxiety, but we are working on it), or to a home with another cat to be her new buddy. 🥰 Špagetka is still working on her health, so ideally we would arrange for a foster with the view to adopt – essentially we would manage her medical care while she is still recovering, and once she is given the all-clear she would be yours to adopt. ❤️🐾If you have any questions or are interested in meeting Špagetka and making her a part of your family, please reach out either by email or via private message so we can schedule an interview and discuss all the details. 🥰🐾

UPDATE: 10. 5. 2021

Špagetka is still looking for her forever family ‼️‼️

Since out last post, Špagetka has been doing better! ❤ Her tummy issues are under control, though she has been diagnosed with bronchitis. She is on antibiotics for a couple weeks but that is also improving. 💕 All in all, she is on the road to health! 🥰😻 We are still looking for a family that would like to foster with view to adopt – She would remain a foster until she has a clean bill of health, then she would be yours to adopt ❤🐾 Špagetka could go to a home as a single cat, or with another kitty friend. 🐾 She is good with gentle children, adults, and anyone who would like to cuddle her and give her attention. ❤ If you think Špagetka could be the kitty to complete your family, please reach out to us on messenger or by email for further information! 💕❤🐾🥰

UPDATE: 14. 5. 2021

Špagetka has found a foster home! 🙂