Meet little Špagetka, the sweetest senior. Špagetka came to us with her ‘older brother,’ Cipísek. They were a bonded pair, but unfortunately Cipísek was diagnosed with terminal cancer soon after being brought to foster. Cipísek recently crossed the rainbow bridge, and now Špagetka is recovering with her foster parents. Špagetka is an amazing little kitty. She is so strong and so loving. When she is feeling playful she enjoys rolling around on the rug and chasing her dinosaur toy. Other times, she demands snuggles and enjoys cuddling up with her foster mom and dad. Špagetka still has a ways to go to get her own health back (she has bad teeth and an eye and ear infection), as well as to recover from the loss of her brother. Luckily she is in the best care with her foster parents, and once she feels better she will make someone’s family complete!