Welcome to Jaq's

Cool Critters sanctuary!

Where all the cool cats and dogs hangout!

Our aim is to provide sanctuary to dogs and cats that find themselves forgotten, homeless, injured, neglected & in need of a ‘home before a home’.
We rely solely on the generosity of the public and we aim to raise money for the care of our critters on our Facebook Flea Market.


A Sanctuary is a place of refuge, a safe peaceful haven, free from all the dangers in the world.

About us

Jaq’s Cool Critters was founded by Jaq, a British woman living in the Czech Republic, and a group of dedicated friends/volunteers of different nationalities. We are based in a countryside farmhouse, an hour north of Prague.

Sowing the seeds of love – It’s the most important thing a critter needs. Volunteers are welcome to come walk our dogs, play with our cats, help socialise, walk, clean, make improvements and share the love.

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

(PS: check out this super cool article about aunt Jaq and her critters ❤)

Information for volunteers

Volunteers have always been very welcome at our Sanctuary, many volunteers return and many have become friends. Whether you enjoy dog walking, petting kitties, taking photographs, chopping wood, cleaning or just hanging out with the critters, there is always something to do.

We welcome visitors weekdays and at the weekend by arrangement. Contact us on our facebook page, by email hello@coolcritters.org or call Jaq on 607 901 042.

Adopt your new best friend today!

Are you looking for a friend?

Jaq has adopted many critters to loving families, which she keeps in contact with. Finding the connection, the first moment when people find their forever companion is what she lives for.

If you are interested in adopting a critter you can contact Jaq at hello@coolcritters.org or call 607 901 042‬.

Cuddlin' in Kadlin

Come to Kadlin and share some love!

Anyone who has had a critter in their life knows the unconditional love and joy they bring. A companion that will never let you down and is always there for a cuddle and affection.

Here in Kadlin we encourage people to visit and help socialise our critters.
Some need a little extra help, they may be shy, have no confidence, been mistreated by humans.

This is where you can help. Show them they don’t need to be afraid, show them that humans can be kind. Come share some love and we promise you will leave here feeling wonderful.

How can you help our animals?


❤ All cool critters will be very grateful for any donation to our transparent account: 2201832152 / 2010. ❤

The collection account is maintained as a transparent account. In case of contribution of funds to this account, the name of the contributor, his account number and the sent financial amount are displayed. By sending funds to our transparent account, you express your consent to the publication of your name and other information, including the amount of the financial donation sent.

We are also accepting financial donations to Cool Critters via Darujme.cz which is a respected and safe way how to donate. We’d truly appreciate your help! 


Material items

We are also very happy for donations of material items. Please contact us if you are willing to donate any goods for the benefit of the animals. We are in desperate need of incontinence pads, detergents, cleaning products, rubber gloves (M) and kitchen towels

We also need leashes, harnesses (size M/L/XL), collars (size M/L/XL), Advocate, Dia Dog & Cat tablets, CBD oil for dogs and catscat trees.

Thank you ❤

The Cool Critters Flea Market

We collect items for sale in order to economically support the Sanctuary.

You can come to visit us in Kadlin where you will find the majority of the available products or you can order online and we will ship it for you. We will also have pick up and drop off points in Prague. ❤

Visit the Flea Market on Facebook


Did you know that you can help our critters while shopping online (for example on Zoohit or Spokojený pes, while buying yummy treats for your own pets :)) by donating a small percentage of your purchase? It’s easy and it won’t cost you anything extra! 🙂 Just download and use Givt for your online shopping! 🙂