Miki came together with Mutzi from another shelter as the owner could no longer take care of some of her animals. Before she was rescued, she was living with 21 other cats in a small flat and therefore was sadly not in the best health condition. She was also very shy at the beginning and mostly hiding, but Jaq spent a lot of time with her to make her feel more comfortable in her new environment. One day our regular volunteer Sandy walked into the room, picked Miki up and that’s were the bonding began. Miki put her head on Sandy’s shoulder and just wanted to be held close and loved. Sandy knew that this is the cat she needed in her life after loosing her beloved 21 year old cat Granny and gave her a loving home. Miki still needs medical attention as she recently had a tumor removed from her ear, but we know that she is getting the best care from her new parents.