This little baby is missing one eye and we are currently fighting to save the other one. Marley is small and sweet boy and he is trying to learn how to live with humans and with other dogs even thought his eye sight is impaired.


UPDATE 17.11.2020

Marley went for his heart examination last week and he has been diagnosed with some mild to moderate problems. He was given Cardisure and boy, is it difficult to get him to take the tablets! He is just like a cat, licks around the tablet and spits the tablet out.
He is feeling rather poorly right now as he has chronic bronchitis and it’s hard to get him to eat. He just can’t seem to catch a break. More than this, while we were looking at his x-ray we noticed he has at least four shots (bullets) in him.

Marley - X-ray

Who on earth shoots at a dog!?!?!
Marley is going to need long term care and we will soon be putting him into our new Virtual Adoption program. If you would like to support Marley or any of our other critters we would be glad of any donation towards their care ❤
We can’t do what we do without you ❤