Lars and Marley came to Cool Critters together, after their rehoming fell through. Lars has had his eyes removed and as far as we can tell so far has no health issues.
He’s taken out in the garden on a harness and leash as I’m not sure I could catch him if he is left to run wild 🙂
We have some good news. Lars will, hopefully, be going to his new home in the UK soon. Fingers crossed it all works out 💕

UPDATE: 13.10.2020

Happy Tails to Lars who is now in his new home in the UK 🙂
A new home is always something that takes time to adjust to. Whether it’s a dog or a cat.
For a blind animal it can take a little longer and the human needs to be a little bit more patient.
Imagine being in a new place and being unable to see. It takes time to get used to where everything is and a new voice to listen to.
Luckily Lars has a new home that is used to blind dogs and so far he is settling in nicely, sniffing around his new territory ❤