Hi there. I’m Nikki and I am looking for my new ‘partner in crime’. I started out on the streets, but having spent 4 months in the sanctuary, I transformed into a really good domestic doggy and I discovered all the advantages of being with humans. I learn incredibly quickly and I am getting more and more socialized. I also started to listen and trust my new human friends. At first, when I came, I was pretty dominant and did not trust anyone, but now I love to welcome every new visitor enthusiastically and hope, that they take me for a walk. I also worry less about unknown things, for example if somebody puts a leash on me – now I love people putting a leash on me  All my furry friends from the last rescue group got adopted, I am the only one left, so I feel a bit alone now and I still don´t understand why nobody is interested in me  On the other hand I took the chance to make new friends and I have to say, that I am pretty successful at it. I became a much better play buddy and so far I am also very good with all the new boys, who come to our sanctuary. I’ve still got some little ‘quirks’, and because of the things I still need to learn, I am looking for an experienced dog family without very young children that can help me grow into the best boy I know I can be! With your experienced guidance we will be the perfect match!!

What will you get when you adopt me and help me settle into your home? Well, you’ll get a lot of love and fun, that’s what! I’ll invite you to play games of fetch (I love to catch tennis balls and big fluffy toys!), I’ll be sure to come over and snuggle (I love getting pets and fussed over!), I’ll be the best walking buddy (I’m pretty proud of my new leash skills), and I’ll do my best to fill your life with happy barks and the love only a dog like me can give!

I am medium active, so you don´t need to worry about powering me out for hours – a good walk will do it. On the other hand, if you are looking for an active dog, I am sure I could keep up after some training, because I am still very young. I can live in a flat or in a house with garden, also I can be your only dog or your dog´s best buddy. So, first come first served – I am ready for my forever home

Castrated, vaccinated, wormed, treated with advocate.
3 years old and 24,5 kg

If you are interested in adopting Nikki contact us by message on our facebook page, email jaq@coolcritters.org or call Jaq on 607 901 042.