Jager came to us when his former owner didn’t come back to get him from the person who was taking care of him. As a result, she was left with a big, high-maintenance dog that she never expected to keep without aid long-term. Despite this, she did her best to care for him for 8 months. Finally, due to a number of reasons, she decided it was best to stop waiting for the old owner and rehome him. We connected through her call for help on Facebook, and the mission was on! We got Jager neutered and went through adoption applications to prevent him from falling into the hands of a backyard breeder. Then the perfect match appeared! Jager’s new Dad is a dedicated and experienced dog owner who can spoil him and give him the perfect life he deserves.
Since his adoption Jager has been enjoying running around his new backyard with his best friend and sister, Gucci, taking super long hikes in the woods with his new Dad, and enjoying being the king of the house! He is the happiest boy living the life he deserves. Congratulations to Jager and his new family!