Say hi to lovely lady Maggie 🙂 This fluffy couch potato is very friendly, especially if you offer her food. She is house trained and she is a delicate 30kg flower – she won’t even go outside if it’s raining 😀 She probably had home at some point in her life but lost it and now she waits in our sanctuary for her forever family.


Please help our Maggie

!!Maggie needs surgery as soon as possible!!

After her first vet check up we discovered, that Maggie suffers from an inflamed and infected mammary gland and she needs to be tested for cancer. She also arrived with several wounds on her body. A more detailed vet check-up will follow on Monday. The estimated costs for her surgery are 10.000 CZK.

Despite that she is still such a sweet and grateful dog.
We will do everything we can to make her soon feel better!


UPDATE: 13.1.2021

Maggie once had a home, of that we are sure. How Maggie found herself on the streets we will never know.
When Maggie came to Cool Critters she had a huge abscess on her chest. With careful care and antibiotics the abscess healed in a couple of weeks.
Sadly, the health problems of this wonderful girl did not end here 🙁 Maggie had a small tumour on her mammary glands. A biopsy was done and sent to the laboratory. The results have shown that the tumor was malignant and there is a high risk of spreading cancer.
We have organised a consultation with one of the best oncologists in the country and of course this will be very expensive. The fee for the first oncologic consultation is 4.700,- czech crowns. If they have to perform any additional tests (staging, oncologic markers) there will be further costs ranging between 5.000-15.000 crowns.

More costs may be incurred depending on the treatment that the oncologist decides is best for Maggie.

We would like to prepare for the worse and try to raise 20,000 crowns to cover her initial costs. Please, please help us to help Maggie. We can’t do this without your support. Let’s give Maggie this chance.


UPDATE: 19.1.2021

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤
With your generosity we have raised the money for Maggies consultation with the Oncologist ❤ We will of course keep you updated when we get the results.
Thank you for giving Maggie this chance ❤

UPDATE: 12.2.2021

We have the second opinion back from the laboratory regarding her tumour. They recommend rechecking her every two months for a year and if everything is good, every three months for the second year.
Maggie deserves a home of her own and as much as we love having her here, the time has come to decide whether to find a foster or a permanent home for her 💕

UPDATE: 12.3.2021

Greetings from Maggie! ❤🐾🥰
Most of you probably remember our Maggie-moo from her adorable big-eared photos and health updates from her battle with cancer. She has certainly won the hearts of her fans with those unforgettable brown puppy eyes! 🥰 We wanted to make another post about her to fill everyone in on her situation. While Maggie has overcome the first battle of surgery to remove the cancerous tumors from body, her journey is not yet over. The type of cancer she has is extremely aggressive, and she has the potential to relapse at any time. As a result, she needs to visit her oncologist every 2 months for the first year, then every 3 months for the second year before being declared cancer-free. Each of these visits includes extensive testing to make sure there are no signs of relapse. The cost, per visit, for just a routine check can range from 15000 to 17000 czk. This is the bill we will receive for her every couple of months for the next two years, in the case she remains cancer-free.
Maggie has already had her first post-op check-ups. She has no signs of cancer, so we’d say that’s a good first step! ❤ She is seeing the top oncologist in the country, so we know she is in good hands with the medical team most equipped to help her navigate her recovery. ❤🥰

Maggie is an amazing dog. ❤ She has been through a lot in her life and has come a long way to be with us. Through everything she has been so resilient, always smiling and being so loving to everyone she meets. 🥰 She has a beautiful soul, and we will never give up on her. She deserves every chance to fight so one day she can retire in her very own forever home with a family who loves her as much as we do. ❤🐾🥰

If anyone would like to help support Maggie’s journey to being cancer-free, she would appreciate any donations in her name. We will also soon be adding her to our virtual adoptions (found on our website), so if you are interested in making regular donations to her care and receiving personalized updates, keep an eye out for that. ❤🐾 Please help us help Maggie fight, she deserves the world ❤❤🥰🐾
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