Eevee came to us when the shelter she was living in begged us to take her. She was small, she was frail and she would not have survived the winter in their outside kennels.
The fur on her back was matted and clearly bothered her. She was taken to the vet and shaved and they found she had a terrible skin infection 🙁 Luckily she was kept apart from the other dogs and none of them were affected.
Her foster parents took wonderful care of her, bathing her with special shampoo and slowly she healed. But, Eevee’s problems didn’t stop there. She had an eye infection, giardia and she has very bad front teeth that need to be removed and sadly a tumour on her mammary glands.
All these problems can be helped but first she needs to gain strength so she is able to undergo the operations that she needs to have.
For now Eevee is enjoying the love of her foster carers and a warm bed for what may be the first time in her life.