Lumpik came to Cool Critters at the beginning of August from another organisation that couldn’t take care of him. He came straight from the vets who gave us a ‘care plan’ that said his prognosis was very poor and in case of his condition getting worse they recommended euthanasia. They actually didn’t think he would improve.
Lumpik suffers from ‘congenital disruption of innervation of pelvic organs’ resulting in difficulties in urinating and defaecating. The result of which is a condition called megacolon and distension of urinary bladder.
In other words, he needs to be squeezed to pee and he poops without knowing.
With good care Lumpik survived the first week, then the first month and we then knew he had a good chance of survival. It’s not easy with him. The bigger and stronger he gets, the more he actually fights when being emptied, when being bathed and at the vets.
Lumpik had an original name, Strongbow. Then he became Lumpik and is now affectionately known at the vet surgery as Hellboy 😀
The reason I’m writing this is, we at Cool Critters have decided to keep Lumpik here forever. He has found sanctuary with us. Welcome home Lumpik.