Lara came to us with what was described as a deformed back leg. We wanted to investigate further after an x-ray was done it was discovered that Lara has a plate in her leg to fix a broken bone. This explains why her leg is slightly ‘wonky’. Lara is not in pain from the leg and she can do the same as other dogs She doesn’t need any more surgery.
The vet told us that at one point in her life she had been caged or chained as her teeth show wear from chewing on metal This absolutely broke my heart Why would anyone do this to this sweet girl? Dogs are really so forgiving of disgusting human behaviour, you would never tell from her personality that she had suffered this way. Lara is one of the most gentle dogs that we have had here at Cool Critters and one of our visitors fell in love with her straight away. After a short foster period it was clear that Lara found her human and we couldn’t be happier. Have a wonderful life Lara.