Meet Peggy ❤
Peggy came to us from another shelter where she wasn’t happy. She needed more of a home environment and we were up for the challenge. We believe we can provide a home before a forever home.
Peggy is about six or seven years old. She enjoys her comfort and good food. She loves people and if I were to describe her, I would say she is a ‘Lady’. Peggy is adorable ❤

Today she went for a full health check and we wanted to find out why she limps on one paw occassionally. She got a clean bill of health and an x-ray on the leg that troubles her sometimes.
In the past Peggy had a broken leg 😢 She didn’t get any treatment so the bone has healed naturally but not perfectly. We will send the x-rays to our Orthopedic vet to see if anything can be done for her. Meanwhile, Peggy is very happy to be here ❤