Meet Cipísek and Špagetka, the most adorable senior pair ever. These two sweet kitties have been living in front of the Hvezda dormitory since they were kittens – for roughly 13 and 11 years respectively. While they received food and shelter from caring students, they never received proper medical attention until they came to us. Unfortunately, this resulted in Cipísek’s diagnosis of terminal cancer, which had metastasized before it was caught. Špagetka has chronic eye infections, but luckily no life-threatening illnesses. Cipísek and Špagetka are now in foster care, where they will remain for the rest of Cipísek’s life. They are getting all the love, treats, and fusses they deserve to make up for the years they spent on the street. It is our goal to give them a lifetime of live in the time Cipísek has left, and make sure they know they are special and deserving of love and attention. These two kitties are so special in the endless amount of love they give to everyone they meet, and though there is nothing we can do to save Cipísek, we are doing everything in our power to make sure is is comfortable, happy, and loved. We are also making sure to give Špagetka all the love and support she needs to stay strong for her beloved Cipísek.

UPDATE: 8. 3. 2021

Cipísek and Špagetka are continuing to enjoy their retirement with their loving foster family. 🥰 They spend plenty of time playing (Špagetka loves her mousey toy, although she’s sneaky about playing with it), snuggling (Cipísek in particular is very demanding about getting his daily dose of cuddles!), snoozing (nap time is important!), and enjoying some tasty food and treats. 😍🐾❤️
Unfortunately in the past couple of days Cipísek’s condition has worsened. 💔😞 His tumor has progressed, so we have started him on a pain management treatment. Despite the ups and downs, he is still fighting. 💪❤️ His doctors can see that he is a fighter and are behind him 100%, providing him all the medication and support he needs to be comfortable. ❤️ Cipísek still loves his food, and he is constantly asking for snuggles from Spagetka and his foster parents. Tomorrow Cipísek’s parents will throw him a little birthday party with plenty of treats – he deserves it! 🎈🎁🎉🐾
Špagetka is also stepping up to support Cipísek. 💕🐾 Because his tumor is in his mouth, he drools a lot and has a hard time grooming. Špagetka makes sure his face and fur stay clean and gorgeous by grooming him whenever he’s looking a little messy. ❤️ His foster Mom and Dad help him out by keeping his eyes and nose clean. 💕 This little support team makes sure Cipísek is looking his best, feeling his best, and knows he is so so loved.🥰🐾
Overall, Cipísek and Špagetka are happy and comfortable. They are getting so much love and support, and enjoying their time together ❤️❤️❤️ We are so happy they have such loving foster parents who make sure they get all the loving and spoiling they deserve 🥰😍🐾

UPDATE: 20. 3. 2021

Today our strong Cipísek crossed the rainbow bridge. 🌈💔 Cipísek had been battling with an aggressive facial tumour since he came to us about six weeks ago. The vets said his case was hopeless, and told us he only had a couple weeks to live. Regardless, Cipísek found a home with an amazing family where he could live out the rest of his days. ❤🐾He was pampered, spoiled, and loved enough to make up for his time out on the streets. He was given the medical support he needed to fight through the pain of the tumour, and was able to fight for longer than the vets originally expected. We accredit his amazing stamina to his love for his ‘sister,’ Špagetka, and his will to live with the people he grew to love just a little longer. ❤This past week, Cipísek started to let his parents know it was time. They made this week extra special for him, giving him all the cuddles he could ever want, helping him when he felt weak, and giving him so many treats when he could eat a little. Today he had a celebration of his life, and enjoyed so many cuddles and a small burst of energy. One of our loving vets came to his home to help him pass with his parents and Špagetka by his side. He was surrounded by love to the very end, and passed peacefully asleep in the arms of his Mom and Dad. 💔
We feel so honoured to have been able to know Cipísek and to have been a part of his story. ❤ He was truly an amazing cat, who only wanted to love and be loved. ❤🐾 We are so happy his last weeks were spent in comfort, being surrounded by love and constant pampering. We know he can sleep easily having known he is so loved, and comforted by the fact that Špagetka will continue to be cared for and never left to fend for herself again. We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of Cipísek’s journey, and wish him the best rest over the rainbow bridge. 🌈 We love you, Cipísek! ❤