We are now living in a world where we hang on to hope. An end to the situation we find ourselves in. Hope is what gets us through each day.
This week I took Marty back to the vet as the antibiotics he was taking didn’t seem to be making him better. He had a cough, he wasn’t really interested in eating and when he came here he was already skin and bones. They did a blood test and it alerted them that something was very wrong. A day later they asked me to take him in to hospitalise him for further tests.
He was found to have a tumour on his spleen and possible metastasis on his pancreas and his heart. My vet, who I have complete faith in, suggested that in this situation it wouldn’t be a mistake to consider euthanasia. If Dr Klara says this, then the chances of survival are very small.
It’s a terribly hard decision to make. But, Marty didn’t get hit by a car, lose his leg, get transported to us, just to give up on him. I decided to ahead with the surgery to remove his spleen. A biopsy of the pancreas was taken at the same time.
Have I made a mistake? Only time will tell. Marty had a visit from three of us yesterday and he recognised us and we hoped it would give him the strength to fight.
Just look at those eyes. This gentle boy deserves a chance, no matter how small. Please keep Marty in your thoughts and send some healing his way. Marty, you have to fight. If ever we needed hope, it is right now 💞

UPDATE: 2. 3. 2021

Marty, our hearts are broken 😭 We are so sorry that you didn’t have the chance to find a wonderful family. In the few weeks you were with us you stole everybody’s hearts and you were loved, very loved. We will lay you to rest under the cherry tree. You are gone but you will never be forgotten 💔