Mixed breed, male, 9 months old, medium size
Let me introduce you to our Benji.
He is a real athlete outside and loves to run and play with our dogs. When he meets other dogs, he is a little unsure at first, but after a short introduction fully ready to play with them. He is also quite shy around people. Therefore we are looking for future owners, who have experience with insecure dogs and are willing to work on this with him. Benji is very food motivated and intelligent, so we expect him to learn fast. Once he gets to know you, he enjoys fusses and cuddles and you will be rewarded with kisses. He still has to learn everything from scratch and is not potty trained. He is a high energy level pup.
Benji will have his first vaccination, be dewormed, Advocate treated and microchipped. The future owner must ensure complete revaccination within the specified time. The conditions of adoption are signing an adoption contract, which includes agreement to castrate in adulthood and pay an adoption donation. If you would like to give our sweet Benji a home, send us an email and complete an adoption application (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYLpyQQv_1AUq8xlLVDt4eIefzAKQNGnWeldJPkNEJ3wq74A/viewform).
In our current situation we can only answer your request via fb Messenger and due to the Covid restrictions you need to schedule an appointment with us for visiting. Thank you for your understanding.


Happy Tails to Benji who found his forever home💕🐾
Benji was really shy at first and not really interested in people when he came to us and we were sure it would take quite a while until we would find a home for him. Guess what, we were wrong 🥳. One day a lovely couple from Peru came to visit us and just asked, which dog would have the smallest chance to get adopted and in the end they walked home with Benji 🐾. We can´t even begin to tell you how happy we are for him.
❤️Have a wonderful life sweet boy ❤️