Meet Bundás ❤
At the end of November, a call for help was made on one of the Prague doggie groups for a dog in Slovakia that had been taken to the vet for euthanasia. The dog was healthy and his only ‘crime’ was, his owner had a new puppy and didn’t want him anymore.
We sprang into action, trying to get him to us. Not an easy task in the current situation. After a week of making plans, plans being thwarted and making more plans, (I think we were on plan F by this time!), Bundás finally arrived.


He has been for a health check and apart from being overweight, he weighs in at just over 12kg, he is very healthy. He was fed bread and kitchen scraps and now he will enjoy good healthy food.
Bundás spent his entire life in the garden. He isn’t house trained, he chases and barks at cats and he chews the end of his tail through stress.
Bundás loves belly rubs, he had a lovely bath and he will soon start to enjoy the life he should of had, as a pampered pet ❤

HAPPY TAILS: 1. 3. 2021

Happy tails to Bundás! 🐾❤🥰
Bundás came to us this past autumn from a dire situation. He was with an owner that wanted him put to sleep just because she bought a younger puppy and didn’t want to take care of him anymore. On top of that, he had spent his whole life chained up in the garden receiving a bad diet of unhealthy foods. So, when Bundás arrived here he was very frightened, overweight, and quite scraggly looking. 😢 We quickly got him a foster in Prague with a fantastic couple, Alissa and Rhys, who patiently helped Bundás learn how to live inside, how to trust, and got him back to full health. ❤🥰 After Bundás had time to learn and grow in confidence, it was time to start looking for a home for him. Kirsten came to meet him, and it was love at first sight. ❤🐾

She was very attentive to his needs and quirks, and was very willing to help him continue growing and adjusting to a life of love and security. It was pretty evident they were the perfect match. 🥰 A couple of visits later, and Bundás was on his way to his new home! Even after the first week he has had so many awesome new experiences with Kirsten, and they are bonding every day. ❤Bundás also gets to be an office dog, so he gets to be the manager of cuddles at work! He LOVES cuddles so we can’t think of a better job position for him! 🥰🐾 Bundás is going to have such an awesome life, getting all the love he deserves. This is a true ‘rags to riches’ story, and we couldn’t be happier. ❤❤❤
Congratulations Kirsten and Bundás! 🐾 We wish you two all the best and can’t wait to hear about all the fun adventures you have together! Happy tails! 🥰❤🐾