Meet Peggy ❤
Peggy came to us from another shelter where she wasn’t happy. She needed more of a home environment and we were up for the challenge. We believe we can provide a home before a forever home.
Peggy is about six or seven years old. She enjoys her comfort and good food. She loves people and if I were to describe her, I would say she is a ‘Lady’. Peggy is adorable ❤

Today she went for a full health check and we wanted to find out why she limps on one paw occassionally. She got a clean bill of health and an x-ray on the leg that troubles her sometimes.
In the past Peggy had a broken leg 😢 She didn’t get any treatment so the bone has healed naturally but not perfectly. We will send the x-rays to our Orthopedic vet to see if anything can be done for her. Meanwhile, Peggy is very happy to be here ❤

HAPPY TAILS 4. 3. 2021

Happy Tails to Peggy who was adopted on Valentine’s Day and Lorenzo was her Valentine ❤
Lorenzo visited us a few times. He wanted a larger dog and soon decided that Peggy would be his new companion. When Peggy came to us we realised she was no spring chicken. But, she was gentle and very sweet. Peggy was limping sometimes on one of her front legs and an x-ray revealed that she had suffered a broken leg that had since healed, but not correctly. Lorenzo knew this and he was willing to see a specialist to see if there was anything to be done for Peggy.
A few days before Lorenzo came for Peggy, a heart murmur was detected and we were going to organise a checkup with the cardiologist. Lorenzo wanted to get it checked himself and when he did the problem was more complicated than we at first thought. Lorenzo wasn’t fazed and wouldn’t accept our assistance.
Lorenzo is an angel and Peggy couldn’t wish for a kinder, sweeter owner. Peggy sleeps under Lorenzo’s desk when he is working, has made the sofa her own and loves the big comfy bed he provided her 🙂
This is a very happy Valentine’s story and we wish you both a very long and happy life together ❤