I want to introduce you to Siouxie Sioux, our little punk rocker, who is a very special girl to me.
Siouxie was beaten so severely she lost an eye ☹️ When she came to Cool Critters she growled at everyone and it took a few days for her to stop growling at me. When I took her to the vet for a health check and vaccines she had to wear a muzzle.
Over time she has learnt to trust and now comes for cuddles, she follows me everywhere. She still doesn’t trust me enough to take the big booger off of her chin 😂💕

Siouxie will need a very patient owner that will give her time to trust again. She still bears the scars of the human that did this to her. I think Siouxie would really benefit from a foster home, where she can get one on one attention and learn that most people are good.
If you are interested in fostering Siouxie please send us a message or email jaq@coolcritters.org