Meet Zeus 🥰🐾
He wins the prize for being the most overweight dog we ever had at Cool Critters! And the most chilled out whilst waiting for his first vet check. He’s wondering why people are laughing at him 🤣

UPDATE: 18. 3. 2021

The last time Zeus was at the vet for a health check a heart murmur was detected. Today he visited the cardiologist, we should have the results in a few days. Also, from his blood work, it was found that his kidneys were not in the best of health so he is on Renal food.

Most of Zeus’s problems stem from him being obese. Two weeks ago he was 16.3 kg, today he is 16.1 kg. It’s going to be a long haul to make him lose weight but we will do it! We just need to find something to motivate him ❤️

UPDATE: 5.5. 2021

Yesterday Zeus had an operation to remove a huge mass from his groin area. It was the size of a golf ball 😞 We won’t know what it is until we get the results back from histology. We are hoping that it is a benign cyst 🙏
Our vet bill yesterday for Zeus, Siouxie and Snoopy was 9000 czk 😢 We would be very grateful for any help towards vet bills for these guys 💕🐾💕
Please, if you want to do something kind today, help us to help these dogs and in need of our help. We can’t do what we do without you 💕🐾❤️🐾
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UPDATE: 13. 6. 2021

We are really happy to tell you that Zeus has a new home, a permanent foster, with a very wonderful man, Petr 💕🐾💕
When we found out that Zeus had incurable cancer it was our dream and wish that he would live out his days in his own home, with his own human. It was a little complicated because although Zeus is sweet with people, he’s not so great around some other dogs. He wouldn’t have suited city life.
We had a few wonderful people offer Zeus a place. Then one day Petr emailed us to adopt Zeus, this was the day before we actually announced his diagnosis.
Petr had lost his own dog a few months ago, decided he didn’t want another dog and of course, like most of us, changed his mind. He was looking on Pesweb and came across Zeus.
It was a blow for him to learn that Zeus had cancer and he needed time to think about whether he could give him a home. Last Saturday, Petr and his friend visited us and he made the decision that Zeus would be his new buddy 💖
After one week in his new home we have discovered that Zeus is not an early bird, he likes to sleep in until 10am 🙂 He has settled well and we will of course give you updates.
Thank you Petr for being Zeus’s angel and for giving him a wonderful home to live out the rest of his life being loved 😘