Cici came to us back in October with a bunch of other kittens. Sadly we lost a lot of them to panleukopenia 😢
Cici was already about six months old and she had such a huge belly that we thought she might be pregnant. An ultrasound was done and she was just well fed. Cici went to her foster home almost immediately and luckily she avoided getting sick. She did however have some small problems that needed vet care, including a cloudy eye.
Cici came into heat and caused her foster mum some grief. If you have ever had a female cat in heat you will know exactly what we are talking about 😃 This is just one of the reasons to get your cat spayed! Cici has now been spayed and has finally calmed down 🙂
Cici has been given numerous eye drops, the eye is still cloudy and the vet she is seeing doesn’t know if it can be resolved or whether it is permanent. Now is the time to take her to the opthalmist. We use MVDr. Jiří Beránek in Pardubice who is one of the best, if not the best, in the Czech Republic. On the same day we will take Marley, Paddington and Finn ❤

UPDATE: 24. 2. 2021

Cici is a fantastic kitty that has been with us for a few months now. She came to us back at the end of the summer with a bunch of other kittens from outside. Unfortunately, most of them suffered from the panleukopenia virus. Cici was also ill, but with a different sickness. She fought the beginning stages of FIP while getting plenty of TLC from her amazing foster mom! After a long treatment, Cici finally got her health back and has been able to get all her vaccines and be spayed. She also recently saw the eye specialist for a little cloudy spot on her eye, which he diagnosed as residual scarring from an infection she had as a kitten. With the help of some eye-drops, that too is clearing up.

Now that Cici has a clean bill of health, she is ready to find her forever home! ❤🐾 Cici is an incredibly energetic and playful kitty. She loves zooming around the house, tackling her toys, and being an overall goofball. She loves attention and follows her foster mom around the house at times demanding pets and playtime. She also is a great guard cat, watching the bathroom door while her foster mom showers (lol!). 😂❤ Her energy means she can occasionally get into a bit of mischief – chewing on plants, finding interesting things to scratch, and climbing to weird places (see the example photo) – so she’ll definitely keep her new family on their toes! 😁 Her foster mom thinks that she could benefit from having another kitty in the home to spend some of her endless energy playing with. Cici is also an affectionate kitty, that will love getting plenty of attention, cuddles, and fusses from you. 🥰 She is a fan of treats too of course, so be sure to have some on hand for her! Her foster mom says that Cici is the most unique and amazing cat she’s ever known, and that she will for sure be someone’s best friend and partner in crime. ❤🥰🐾

If you think Cici would be a good addition to your family, don’t hesitate to reach out to find out more about her and schedule a meet and greet! You can also fill out an adoption application, which you can find in the ‘About’ section of our Facebook page. Cici is looking forward to meeting you and finding her forever human(s)! 🥰❤🐾☀

UPDATE: 13. 3. 2021

Happy Tails to Cici who found her new home with Eloise 💖🐾💖
Cici is a super active kitty who Eloise thought would suit her lifestyle. It seems Cici is living up to her reputation 😃
“She’s been climbing all over the place and gets to any corner of the room she can, she even managed to make my plant fall from high up the bookshelf today 🙂 ”
Cici loves to birdwatch and she has the perfect spot to spy on those birdies 🙂
Have a wonderful life together girls 💕