Bonnie is a kitten that came to us as an owner surrender with two other cats, Ozzy and Pepper. All three kitties are currently in foster care, and will be posted for adoption after finishing their vaccines. While Ozzy and Pepper are healthy, Bonnie unfortunately is not. When Bonnie first arrived at her foster home, her foster mom realized she was drinking a lot. Then Bonnie started to have accidents. She was taken to the vet, where she was given antibiotics for a suspected UTI. Unfortunately, Bonnie did not respond to the antibiotics, and was taken back for a more detailed check. Ultrasounds, urine tests, and blood tests were done. The results we currently have indicate that Bonnie is either suffering from congenital diabetes insipidus or idiopathic hypercalcemia – both conditions that are uncommon, especially in kittens. Luckily, however, there are treatment plans available for both illnesses. The vets will continue evaluating the test results, and soon we will have an exact diagnosis so we can get Bonnie the treatment she needs! In the meantime, she is a cuddly, loving kitten that is getting plenty of TLC from her amazing foster parents.

UPDATE: 22. 2. 2021

Bonnie has been fully diagnosed and has received all her vaccines, so it is time for us to start looking for a forever family for her! 😊❤ Bonnie is a super affectionate and silly kitten. Her foster mom describes her as a snuggler. She says Bonnie just loves to nap on your lap or be near you in general. She also loves to burrow in blankets (they built her a tent blanket fort and she hangs out there every day!), chase string toys, and have lots of kitten fun! 🐾 Bonnie’s foster parents also note how brave and easy to care for she is. She is always an absolute sweetheart at the vet, and when they had to give her pills Bonnie would eat them in between treats as if they were treats too! She is a really unique and lovely kitten that would be sure to bring a ray of sunshine to any home. ☀️ Bonnie has also lived with other cats before, so we know she is able to live in a multiple-cat home. That being said, her fosters noticed her true personality start to shine when she became an only cat, so she could certainly stay solo as well! ❤🐾

While Bonnie looks and behaves like a normal kitten, she does have a chronic illness. She was diagnosed with nephrogenic diabetes insipidous. This means that her kidneys are unable to recognize a hormone that prompts them to concentrate urine, causing too much water to be released. Because of this, Bonnie must have access to water at all times. Not having access to water for even as little as a half an hour can lead to her having seizures or other severe issues. As long as she has water, she is happy and healthy! Other than her need for access to water, Bonnie’s illness means that she needs to urinate frequently. As such, her new family should expect to clean the litter box a bit more often than usual. Finally, Bonnie needs to have her kidneys checked at her yearly vet appointments. This is just to ensure all her test results are ok. Given access to water, Bonnie will be able to live a long, happy and normal life. ❤❤

HAPPY TAILS: 30. 3. 2021

Happy Tails to Bonnie who found her new home with Jean and two kitty friends, Tiger and Ellie ❤

Thank you to Faye and Adrian for being wonderful foster parents and to Jean for giving Bonnie an amazing home ❤ Have a wonderful life sweet Bonnie ❤