7. 4. 2021

Bunny arrived today.
Just a baby, three to four months old, and absolutely terrified.
This evening I decided to take him to bed with me but, he smelt so terrible, he ended up in the bath first.
I dried him on my lap, he slowly stopped shaking.
He’s now asleep and softly snoring 🙂

9. 4. 2021

Bunny has been in my bed for the past few nights. He pushes himself up close to me until he falls asleep. He removes himself once I’m asleep, probably can’t put up with my snoring 😂 He woke me in the early hours trying to pull the covers off of the bed 😁 He is such a tender soul but he loves to play when he thinks I can’t see him 💞

HAPPY TAILS: 11. 4. 2021

Happy Tails to Bunny, who has a new name, Charlie, who went to his new home yesterday 🐾💓🐾💓
Normally puppies/dogs don’t go home so quickly but he was a special case. This poor little mite needed his forever human and although I could cuddle him at night, I couldn’t give him the one on one care that he needed. When he arrived I had the perfect person in mind for him. Yesterday she came and it really was love at first sight 💞
Have a wonderful life sweet Charlie and we are happy to have been part of your journey ❤️ We’re looking forward to updates on our group ☺️