Meet Ziggy 🙂

Ziggy lives up to his name, full of energy and loves everyone and everything. Life is a big adventure for him.

HAPPY TAILS: 20. 4. 2021

Happy Tails to Ziggy who found a wonderful home with a lovely family with two sons 💕🐾💖
We are sending you greetings from Ziggy and us. We toured our neighbourhood and he enjoyed it very much. He has got a lot of compliments from my children’s teacher and friends when we saw off our children to school.. 🙂
He is still a bit shy and unsure, of course, but he was brave enough today to enter our kitchen where his food and drink are deposited.. Here are some pictures of him.. 🙂
Have a wonderful life sweet Ziggy, we are certain you will bring your family lots of joy 🥰💕