Meet Misty 💕 One of the kitties that we took from the feral colony in Mlada Boleslav cemetery.
There have been two types of kitties so far. Those who have over time got used to human touch and are on their way to being house cats 💓 And those who are far too wild and have been relocated to safe places on farms.
Misty is neither.
Misty is very friendly. Misty is very busy making biscuits and purrs like a train. Misty is also very fat …. Yes, you guessed! Misty is very pregnant 🐾💓🐾

UPDATE: 3.5. 2021

A very happy Monday morning to everyone ❤️
Misty finally has her babies 💕🐾💕🐾

UPDATE 22. 8. 2021

Misty has gone to foster with Krista. You may remember Misty arrived here as one of the cats we rescued from Mlada Boleslav graveyard. Misty was very friendly but also very pregnant. She gave birth to the ‘Herbs’ and that was when she changed, she became very protective of her babies.
Once the kittens were old enough to go to their new home a foster was organised for Misty. One week passed, then two, then three and the foster could no longer take her 😢 I tried my hardest to make her come back to the kitty she was before she had the kittens but I was only able to stroke her a little. She needed someone with time and patience and while I have patience, I just didn’t have enough time.
So Misty went at the beginning of last week to Krista. She is now hiding in Krista’s wardrobe where she is getting ‘breakfast in bed’ every morning 😃 Krista has experience and we hope that Misty will soon feel safe enough to explore her new home 💕