One of the biggest thrills of rescue is to turn shy, scared dogs into dogs with more trust of humans and to turn feral cats into house cats 💕
Dandelion Fluffy Butt has been turned 😻 She came from the colony at Mlada Boleslav cemetery. She still needs a little work, so she will go to short term foster care to finish her transformation 💞

HAPPY TAILS: 30. 4. 2021

Dandelion Fluffy Butt – is adopted!
Happy Tails to Dandelion Fluffy Butt who found her forever home with ‘Foster Fails’ Breanna and Jason 🥰💖
Dandelion has gone from a feral cat in a graveyard to being the spoilt Princess that she always knew she could be. After a few weeks of hissing and scratching Jaq finally got her to purr 👍🐾 Then she moved in with Breanna and Jason to finish her socialization.
We had a huge amount of interest in Dandelion but once the time came for Adoption, her fosters just couldn’t let her go 🥰
Have a wonderful life sweet girl ❤️