These eleven week old siblings came from Stranka, a small village near to our Sanctuary, when they were around five weeks old.

They are currently in foster care in Prague and will hopefully be ready to be adopted in the next few weeks.

UPDATE: 8. 3. 2021

Do you remember Gaby & Mina? They came to us at five weeks old and after fighting some health issues, they have grown into beautiful healthy kitties and had their first vaccines today.
They came from Stránka, the next village along from our Sanctuary. One had weeping eyes and a cold, as that one got better, the other one caught it. And so it went on for a while.
Their foster mum has done a wonderful job of getting them back to full health. Our foster carers are amazing ❤

HAPPY TAILS: 21. 5. 2021

Happy Tails to Gaby and Mina who found their home together with Max 🐾💖🐾
Gaby and Mina came to us in November as tiny kittens from a neighboring village, Stranka. For a long time they fought illness that they passed from one another because of a low immune system. Luckily their wonderful foster mum, Stephanie, was there to take wonderful care of them 💕
Max contacted us looking for a pair of kittens and he patiently waited until they were fully healthy, vaccinated and neutered/spayed. Gaby and Mina have been keeping him awake at night playing 🤦 We have given him some tips to wear them out so he can get a good night’s rest 😻
Have a wonderful life sweet kitties 💖