Libby loves everyone and is the sweetest little love bug. Libby had two operations on her leg and doesn’t put the leg to the ground unless she is standing still. We have an appointment with our orthopedic specialist tomorrow to see what’s going on there.

UPDATE: 29. 4. 2021

Libby has had her consultation with the orthopedic specialist and she was such a good girl 💕
Libby had a broken leg in the past and whilst she uses the leg for balance and slow walking, she doesn’t use it when running. We were told that Libby had already had two surgeries to repair the break and we wanted to investigate to see if there is anything we can do for her.
Unfortunately, Libby’s bone did not heal well and the upshot is that one leg is 6cm shorter than the other. The surgeon told us that it is almost impossible to repair the leg now. It’s not only the missing 6cm of bone but also the muscle which will make surgery very difficult.
We have two options. If Libby is not in pain, which we believe she isn’t, do nothing. If she is in extreme pain, the only way forward would be amputation. We have decided to do nothing but just observe make sure the leg isn’t causing her pain.
Libby is such a sweetheart and we are sure that even with a limp she will find her perfect home very quickly 🐾💖

HAPPY TAILS: 22. 5. 2021

Happy Tails to Libby who found her home with a lovely family and a new doggie friend 🐾💖🐾
Libby had lots of interest, including a wonderful family that come here often to walk our dogs 💞 We decided that it would be better for Libby to have a garden and another dog to play with.
Libby loves cuddles and she will have all the cuddles in the world from her new family.
Have a wonderful life sweet Libby. We were happy to have been part of your journey ❤️