4. 6. 2021

You may remember we were helping to resolve the colony of cats at Mlada Boleslav cemetery. We were doing this in coordination with Martina and Mari, two crazy cat ladies 💕
Yesterday came a call to help some kittens at another location in Mlada Boleslav. A person called the vets to let them know someone had taken away a mother cat but had left behind her kittens in the bushes 😢
So, we went off to rescue them 🙂
Two were caught quite quickly but the others evaded us. Mari and Martina needed to go home so I stayed there until 23.00 when I realised the only thing I was likely to trap was a hedgehog or three 🦔🦔🦔
Today Martina went back and caught another two, headed there to collect them now 💕

UPDATE: 6. 6. 2021

After rescuing the two kittens on Thursday from under the bush, we captured two more on Friday 💖
The trap was left as we had a feeling there was one more and we were right! The fifth kitten evaded capture until yesterday but they are now all safe 🙂🙏
They are about seven weeks old, all healthy and will be vaccinated as soon as possible. Now comes the fun work of socialising them 💞
They should be ready to go to new homes in about five weeks and we will be looking for short term foster care for them until they are ready. If you are interested in taking on a kitten or a couple of kittens for a few weeks, please get in touch 😻

UPDATE: 6. 6. 2021

One more kitten was spotted up a tree at the place we rescued the other five from!
Martina went there immediately and within ten minutes she caught it 😊🙏👌
Poor thing must have been so hungry and alone ☹️ But, she is now in our care and with her brothers and sisters 💕
One kitten has what we think is the start of calicivirus, so he has to be on his own to avoid contamination of his siblings. He will need extra help with keeping hydrated.
Another kitten has a hernia so this will need operating on when she is big enough 😢
The other four seem very healthy 😻

🆘 We need to ask you for help 🙏
Six more kittens is lots of kitten food and cat litter and we are almost out of wet food. Please, help us to purchase these items 💖 We can’t do what we do without your support.
You can make a donation by to our account on Darujme
Or to our transparent bank account:
Account No.: 2201832152/2010
IBAN: CZ2920100000002201832152

We would also be grateful for any donations of quality wet food for kittens or Tigerino crystal cat litter. You can send it directly to us in Kadlin 💖
Thank you so much 🥰