When Holly came to Cool Critters, we didn’t know for sure if she is pregnant or not. Holly went in for second ultrasound after New Year, and it was finally determined that she is not pregnant! She is just a little chubby. Holly is now settled in at her foster home, meeting her kitty foster siblings and enjoying plenty of snuggles from her foster parents. She is on a stable diet and slowly starting to shed that extra chub. At her latest vet visit, they did find a potential problem with her bladder. She will have another appointment for more investigation, and will get any treatments she needs before she heads off to her forever home. Until then, she’ll be the spoiled queen of her foster home!

HAPPY TAILS: 15. 6. 2021

❤💕🐾Happy (belated) tails to Holly!!
Little miss maybe-momma Holly was quite the enigma for us with her big belly. 🐾 Of course, we soon found out that Holly was just a fan of food instead of pregnant! Following the solution of the big mystery, Holly settled into life in her foster home and went about the normal course of things until it was time for her to find her forever home. 💕 The catch? Holly had stolen her foster family’s hearts!! ❤ They weren’t the only ones who were smitten, though. Holly’s foster’s parents had seen photos of her and heard stories about her antics, and decided they wanted to make her a member of their family! 🥰😻 Some discussions later and it was official – Holly would head to Germany to her amazing forever home! ❤🐾😻
Holly is now a very spoiled house cat and the queen of her new home. ❤❤ Her new family loves her so so much, and it is great for her foster family because they get to see her often too! 😻 It was a win all around! 🥰 We are so happy to hear fun stories of Holly in her new home, and wish Holly and her new family the best life together! 🥰😻💕🐾