I am sure you all remember Finn, the adorable Malinois mix that came to us with our last group of pups. He has been living with our amazing foster, Phillip, to help him work on his confidence!
Unfortunately, being a bit shy is not Finn’s only obstacle. The other day, Finn’s foster dad noticed Finn was limping after an awkward jump off the couch. Concerned, he rushed Finn to the vet for a check-up. During this check-up it was discovered that Finn had a fractured leg from his jump 😢😢 Normally, a healthy dog would not get this bad of an injury from simply jumping off the couch, so Finn was given calcium supplements to strengthen his bones. Finn also underwent surgery to repair his fractured leg, and is now resting comfortably at his foster home.

UPDATE: 2.2.2021

When Finn came to Cool Critters we thought he was just like the other pups, but maybe a little more shy. Yesterday we found out he has juvenile dystrophy caused by malnutrition as a small pup. This also explains his ‘soft’ bones and why a simple jump from a small height caused the fracture in his leg.
We contacted the shelter that Finn came from asking for more information on how they came to take Finn in. They sent us some photos which are quite distressing 🙁 Finn was found injured, he also had a huge wound on his neck (which we won’t share), and starving by the side of the road 😢 Just a tiny puppy who by luck was found by his kind rescuers.
Finn is now in foster care with Phillip and Kate and is receiving lots of love and attention. Phillip and Kate are amazing with shy dogs, in the past they fostered Valentina and Faye. They turn these dogs lives around and give them the confidence to be adopted by wonderful families. Asking them to take a pup was something else, but Finn is a quick learner and he is already house trained 🙂
For Finn to recover fully he is taking calcium supplements for his bones and good nutrition is vital for him to get healthy again.

UPDATE: 12.2.2021

A Pupdate! from Phillip who is taking care of Finn.
We went yesterday evening for a check up. The doctor took an X-ray and It showed the bone has fused together properly. The doctor removed the cast and we will begin some minor walking this week. 💙

UPDATE: 22.2.2021

A little update on Finn 💕
He’s still a little shy/nervous but is getting better. He has been walking in small amounts and his limp gets less every day.
Phillip is looking forward to taking him to the dog park in a few weeks when he is confident his leg is stronger.
Finn is starting to move around more and more and he is more playful ☺️
And we have raised 78% of the costs towards Finn’s vet bill for his leg surgery 🙂 Thank you so much to everyone has donated 🙂

UPDATE: 2. 3. 2021

You amazing people did it 💕💕
Thank you so much to everybody who donated to Finn’s fundraiser, we reached the target for his vet bill for his fractured leg 💖
We can’t do what we do without you. Thank you for your support 💕

UPDATE: 18. 5. 2021

Finn is looking for his forever home!

Meet Finn, male, medium size Malinois 16.5 kg, 1 year old, castrated, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped.

Finn is a very beautiful and gentle boy. His fosters say he is about as sweet of a dog as they have ever met ❤ He doesn’t make much noise but if someone he likes comes into his home he will wag his tail and yelp with excitement ❤

Finn is however, still very shy around strangers and does not like loud noises or people. Sound is probably his biggest trigger, if he hears something loud he will go into his “scared mode” and will try to run away.

A perfect home for him could be a house with a garden outside the city. However we do think with proper training and extra care he could make it in the city, but it will require a future owner having experience with shy dogs. He can be around children, but they would need to be gentle and a bit older already.

He had his front left leg broken in the past due to being malnourished and lacking proper calcium as a pup, so he might not be the most active dog, but when he plays he can still run quite fast.

Finn has a ton of unlocked potential.
If you can imagine being the right match for Finn, then hurry up and contact us!! ❤🐾🥰

The conditions of adoption are signing an adoption contract, which includes to pay an adoption donation. Message us on facebook and complete an adoption application (which can be found in our ‘About’ section or on our webpage).

In our current situation we can only answer your request via fb Messenger and due to the Covid restrictions you need to schedule an appointment with us for visiting. Thank you for your understanding

HAPPY TAILS: 19. 6. 2021

Happy Tails to Finn and congratulations to Kate for being a foster fail 😉
Finn came to us at the beginning of January and was extremely shy. Our amazing ‘shy dog’ fosters Phillip and Kate agreed to take him under their wing.
Finn suffered from a broken leg after falling from a couch and this was when we discovered that Finn had suffered terrible malnutrition as a small pup. His leg mended, he was given calcium supplements and very slowly began to recover.
Finn is still a shy dog and we had some wonderful adoption applications for him. After a few meetings with potential adopters, Kate realised that she would be the best person for Finn. Kate had spent a few months torn with whether to adopt or not.
Them one day out of the blue she called me to ask what I thought. I was over the moon 😍
Have a wonderful life sweet Finn ❤️ We love happy endings 🥰