Happy Tails to Loki who found his home with an amazing family who have been looking for a companion for a while with us ❤️🐾❤️
None of you will know who Loki is because we didn’t have time to introduce him before he was reserved 🥰
Loki is one of four pups we took from another shelter that would have waited a long time to be re-homed or may have even stayed there for life 😢
We are very choosy who we adopt our dogs to and we are 99% certain that none of our dogs will be returning to us. We totally see and understand the situation that has arisen during the Covid pandemic with many people wanting to adopt pets. This is why we have a rigid adoption process in place.
Loki has a wonderful new home with a family with three teenage boys to play and take care of him 🥰
Have a wonderful life sweet boy 😘