Meet Pom-Pom, a tiny Calico kitten, about eight weeks old, that was found alone with no mother and no siblings.
Calico’s or Glückskatze are deemed to be lucky. Pom-Pom is lucky to have found her way to us 💖
Wormed, ears cleaned 🤢 and two small ticks removed. Vet visit this week to check her over and she will be quarantined for three weeks.
Welcome to Cool Critters Pom-Pom 🐾💕

RIP Pom-Pom, 8. 2. 2022

On Saturday a very lovely lady visited with her son. It was her birthday on Friday and she wanted to gift our critters with some food 🥰 Thank you so much 🥰
While we were talking her little boy said he knew all of our animals on our website and that he particularly wanted to see Pom-Pom. I froze, Pom-Pom had passed away months ago and I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t written about it 😭
Pom-Pom was only with us a week back at the end of July. She was only a baby at 10 weeks old. She got sick within a short time of being here, was hospitalized and passed away at the vet 😭
I don’t know why I didn’t write about it, maybe it was just too raw at the time, like the recent losses we suffered 😭
I’m sorry Pom-Pom. In my heart I will always feel your loss and I hope you are in the fields chasing mice and playing with our other kittens, over the rainbow bridge. R.I.P sweet girl 🌈
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