Our oldie but goldie Benjamin Button (the handsome ginger Shepherd) came to us with a broken front paw. This lovely grandpa, at proud age of 13, spent more than 10 years in a shelter with over 300 dogs, so he never had a chance to get this broken front paw fixed. We can tell that he is in pain, so are doing everything we can to make his life better. He has an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. This appointment is quite expensive, so we would like to ask you for your support and donate towards his vet bill ❤️❤️

UPDATE: 7. 9. 2021

Last week we took our two poorly paws to the orthopedic specialist, Jessy and Benjamin Button 🐾💕

Benjamin’s injury doesn’t bring good news 😔 Surgery is possible but it’s extremely complicated and complex. There is risk of failure, high risk of infection, high risk because of his age 😞
It’s not a new injury, it’s something he has lived with for years.

For now we have decided, after listening to the orthopedic surgeon, that the risk is too great. He runs and walks with a limp but he doesn’t appear to be in pain.
Benjamin is a gentle, quiet soul and really enjoying his new life here, at least we can give him this …. And maybe a chance at a new home 💕