Přijata do azylu: 17.8.2021
Původ: nalezena v kůlně v okolí Kadlína
Váha: 3 kg

Bezzubá a velmi plachá kočičí babička. Momentálně se nachází v dlouhodobé dočasné péči v Praze.


Entered shelter: 17.8.2021
Origin: found in a shed in the surrounding of Kadlin
Weight: 3 kg

Meet Opal 💖
Opal came to us after being found begging for food. She’s a very beautiful kitty but she doesn’t trust humans yet. A small stroke here and there is all we have managed so far. We will give her time, maybe find an experienced, patient foster home.
If she doesn’t come around she can join our other outside cats. We have a room on the end of the ‘cow shed’ where we keep them for three or four weeks to adapt to knowing where their food is. They are of course all neutered and spayed, tests done and vaccinated.
The sad fact is that not all kitties can adapt to an indoor life, so we do everything we can to make their lives as nice as possible 💕

UPDATE: 11. 3. 2022

🐾😻 Opal is looking for her forever home!! 🐾😻

Are you looking for a strong independent woman who’s happy to do her own thing and occasionally hang out at meal times? Then Opal is the lady for you! 😽
Pretty Miss Opal is a grumpy granny with no teeth and a whole lot of cattitude. 😸 Opal came to us as a fierce wild cat. Unfortunately for her, we found out that she had some massive dental problems that were causing a whole lot of pain and were at high risk for infection – so she had all her teeth removed! This poses an issue, as it is not safe for a toothless cat to return to the wild. So, Opal has decided she needs to make other arrangements! 😸
Opal is pretty chill with being indoors now. Getting ready-made meals and not having to worry about the weather is a sweet deal, after all. 😻 The only thing is that Opal still isn’t too sure of those human-things. 🧐 She appreciates that they bring her food but is not a fan of being touched.
As such, Opal is looking for a roommate who will give her the space she needs. She is happy to hang out, scurry around the flat at night, watch you from across the room as she chows down, and inspect all your home’s fun and comfortable hiding spots. She might even take care of any pesky insects around the house for you too. 😸
With the proper respect and patience, Opal might come around one day to being pet. But she also might not. She would love a home that is happy to have her company from a distance and is pleased to give her a safe and comfortable place to ride out the rest of her days. 🥰🐾
If you think Opal could be your new roommate, then please fill out an adoption application (found in the ‘About’ section of our Facebook page) and send us a DM for more information! 🥰

UPDATE: 1. 4. 2022

Calling all experienced cat fosters! Opal needs a long-term foster home! 😻🐾❤

You may know grumpy granny Opal from her recent adoption introduction. Well, this toothless wonder is still in search of a roommate to grumble at! 😸 Opal is a harder to place case because she isn’t what most people are looking for – that being, a cuddly cat. Instead, Opal appreciates her own space. She wants a place that she can chill out, have food available to her, and occasionally allow her devoted roommate/cat-servant a glimpse of her gorgeous self. ✨
Opal would do great in a home with adults who can respect her boundaries. Opal is fully vaccinated, castrated, microchipped and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. She is currently sharing a room with other fully-vetted kitties, so she would also be fine in a home with kitty friends. 🐾
If you think Opal could be a good roommate for you, then please send us a DM for more information! We are looking either for a long-term foster or someone who is interested in adopting. Thank you in advance! ❤🐾🥰

UPDATE: 13. 8. 2022

Our grumpy grandma Opal has finally found a foster home with Erin 🥰
We took her to Prague yesterday, provided her with hiding places and where does she go? Under the kitchen cabinets 🙈🙈
Opal has been with us for a year, this is her second foster and we really hope she will be happy with Erin. Opal hates people but can’t be released outside in case she runs away. The poor old girl had her teeth removed and wouldn’t be able to hunt if she ran off 😟 Erin is quite happy to share her space and just admire Opal from afar 🥰