Meet Philip J. Fry 😻😻😻
Who is ridiculously cute 😹
Found by one of our volunteers, he was hanging out with a colony of cats. We have checked for a microchip and searched Psi Detektiv and other lost cat pages. Nothing 😢
Full of fleas and terrible diarrhea, which have now been treated. We will get him neutered, vaccinated etc and find him a wonderful home 🥰

UPDATE: 10. 9. 2021

Philip J. Fry has been in quarantine in my kitchen for three weeks. He has been sharing the space with Fenia 😊
He was a little crazy the first couple of weeks. Probably his hormones adjusting after neuter and trying to decide if he was tame or wild 😹
Seems he has decided he is tame and the past two days Snoopinka has been sharing the kitchen with both of them. He doesn’t mind dogs either 🥰