Meet Dino 🐾💖🐾
Dino came to us from Mlada Boleslav where he was found under a bush. Upon entry, all of our kittens are tested for panleukopenia and then quarantined for two/three weeks. Dino is a lively little soul that wanted to be near his human.
So when Dina contacted us to ask if we had another foster for her, she previously fostered Sinatra, we asked if she would foster a kitten. Dina is a dog lady 😉 and Sinatra was her first experience fostering a cat. A kitten is something very new for her.
A couple of days after taking Dino to her, he vomited. Panic stations! He was taken to a local vet and they gave him an anti vomit shot and some special diet food. Less than 48 hours later he vomited again 😢
Straight to Veterinární klinika Nusle where he was given tests for panleukopenia, FIV, FeLV and an ultrasound. All came back negative 🙏
So, we think it was stress related.
He didn’t have a name at this point and when asked by the vet for a name I came up with Dino …. Dina & Dino 💖
Dino loves Dina and Dina loves Dino 💖
And he is her new work assistant 😍