Š P A G E T K A – for adoption!

Little Špagetka is looking for her forever home! 🥰❤️🐾 Špagetka is a loving older kitty (estimated 11 years old) that is looking for a family to spend the rest of her life with. 💕🐾 She is an absolute sweetie that loves to play with her toys (she plays like a kitten!), snuggle with her humans, and of course eat! 😸 Spagetka has previously lived with her ‘brother,’ Cípisek, another kitty who unfortunately recently passed away from cancer. 💔 She could go to a single-kitty home where her humans could give her a lot of attention (she does suffer a bit from separation anxiety, but we are working on it), or to a home with another cat to be her new buddy. 🥰 Špagetka is still working on her health, so ideally we would arrange for a foster with the view to adopt – essentially we would manage her medical care while she is still recovering, and once she is given the all-clear she would be yours to adopt. ❤️🐾If you have any questions or are interested in meeting Špagetka and making her a part of your family, please reach out either by email or via private message so we can schedule an interview and discuss all the details. 🥰🐾

UPDATE: 10. 5. 2021

Špagetka is still looking for her forever family ‼️‼️

Since out last post, Špagetka has been doing better! ❤ Her tummy issues are under control, though she has been diagnosed with bronchitis. She is on antibiotics for a couple weeks but that is also improving. 💕 All in all, she is on the road to health! 🥰😻 We are still looking for a family that would like to foster with view to adopt – She would remain a foster until she has a clean bill of health, then she would be yours to adopt ❤🐾 Špagetka could go to a home as a single cat, or with another kitty friend. 🐾 She is good with gentle children, adults, and anyone who would like to cuddle her and give her attention. ❤ If you think Špagetka could be the kitty to complete your family, please reach out to us on messenger or by email for further information! 💕❤🐾🥰

UPDATE: 14. 5. 2021

Špagetka has found a foster home! 🙂

HAPPY TAILS: 7. 9. 2021

❤🐾 Happy tails to Špagetka!!! 🐾❤
Most of you probably remember little Špagetka. She came to us some time ago with her brother Cípisek, and were in the amazing foster care of Virginia and Cory. 🥰❤ Unfortunately, Cípisek’s condition was terminal, but thanks to their amazing foster parents Cípi was able to spend the rest of his life comfortable and together with his beloved Špagetka. 💕
After Cípi passed, it was time to focus on Špagetka’s emotional healing. She did not take his passing well, as was to be expected, and needed some extra TLC to help her get through her grieving process. 💔 Slowly her mental and physical health improved, and we were able to switch from medic mode to thinking about finding Špagetka her forever home. 🥰 We knew she would do best in a home with other pets to keep her company, and with someone who understands the rough life she has been through. Enter Belinda. 💕❤️
Belinda has experience with kitties, and was immediately empathetic to Špagetka’s situation. ❤️ She wasn’t put off by Špagetka’s initial shyness, and was determined to earn her trust and give her a forever home. 💕 After moving in with Belinda and her kitty and pup, Špagetka hid. But she had a support team rally around her! 💕🐾 Belinda and her pets were there to give Špagetka the love and support she needed, and soon she came out of her shell. 🥰 Now Špagetka is the cuddliest kitty, showing lots of love to all her new family members. She will never be alone again, and she has a warm home and incredible family to give her all the TLC she needs. 🥰😻 We couldn’t be happier. ❤️❤️ We wish you all the best life together!! 😻💕🐾