Daisy is a young cat that was once very wild. With the incredible help of her foster family she has come a long way in being more comfortable as an inside cat, though she is still shy around new people. Around people she knows, she is very active – loves to play, get pets, and get treats.

HAPPY TAILS: 8. 9. 2021

🐾💕Happy tails to Daisy!!💕🐾
Daisy was a tricky little kitty that came to us at the beginning of this year. A kind family had earned her trust and brought her in off the street, but were unable to continue taking care of her. So, Daisy came to us! 🥰 The first meeting was a little different than expected – you see, Daisy only trusts people after a very long time of knowing them. Otherwise, she is completely wild. 😮 We had a foster family lined up, but boy did they get a challenge with Daisy!! Daisy was as crazy as ever – hissing, spitting, and being the little tiger she is. 🐯 But this didn’t faze her foster family – not one bit! ❤💕
Cue months of patience – Daisy’s lovely foster mom, dad, and kitty sister patiently coaxed her out of her shell – giving her all the space, time, love, and treats she needed to trust. 🥰💕🐾 And the results are incredible! Daisy went from terrified feral to a ’pet my tummy and snuggle me’ house kitty. 😻🥰❤
While Daisy is very loving and trusting of her foster mom, dad and sister, she is still wary of new people. She is very selective about who she chooses to give her love to, and is not a fan of change. But, that’s ok, because Daisy isn’t going anywhere! ❤ After months of patience and bonding, Daisy’s foster mom and dad, Gaby and Felix, knew they just couldn’t let her go. 💕 She was already where she was meant to be. So, we signed the papers and made it official! 😻🥰
Lucky Daisy has a lifetime of love and pampering ahead of her. ❤ She now has a family that will always shower her with the support she needs to grow more and more confident and feel loved every single day! 😻🥰🐾