Meet Piglet 💕
Piglet was found at the same place as Dino and at first was thought to be Dino’s elder brother.
I took him to join Dino at his foster home but Piglet was a little shy and disappeared under the kitchen cabinets through a tiny hole he had found. Luckily the kickboards on the cabinets were click on, so it didn’t involve any destruction 🤣
Piglet came back to the sanctuary where he is enjoying life with four other kittens in our kitten room 🥰 Piglet will be a lap cat 😺 Once you take him in your arms and start petting him, his purring is like a 🚂

UPDATE: 20. 10. 2021

❤🐾 Piglet is up for adoption! 🐾❤
Little Piglet, aka the snuggliest kitty you ever did meet, is looking for his forever family – someone to spend time with curled up on the couch or in bed, getting fusses, and watching a good show. 😻🥰 Piglet’s most favorite thing of all time is to curl up under a warm blanket and take a cat nap, or cuddle with the people he loves. ❤ He is a quieter kitty, so while he does have his spurts of energy he prefers to spend his time taking life at a slower pace and enjoying the comfy side of life. 💕
So, who would be an ideal candidate for Piglet? Well, anyone really! 💕 His personality would especially match a home-body, someone who loves movies or Netflix binging, or someone who works at home – he would be the perfect buddy/colleague for any of these activities! In regard to other critter siblings, Piglet is very used to other kitties and quite adaptable, so he could certainly join a home with or without other furry friends. 💕
So, do you think Piglet is your Sunday sleep-in soul mate? 🥰 If so, please fill out our adoption application and send us a message to let us know you’re interested. Piglet can’t wait to meet you! 😻

UPDATE 11.12.2021

🐾💕 Piglet update!!
Piglet is back home and recovering well from surgery. ❤ 🎉Everything went off without a hitch, and he’s now getting all the spoiling and fusses he needs to make a speedy recovery! 😻
Piglet and all of us here at Cool Critters would like to say a big, big THANK YOU to all the kind souls who donated towards Piglet’s surgery. 🥰 Vet bills are a constant battle, so being able to go into this surgery knowing it was covered was a massive relief for everyone involved. Piglet is already feeling so much better, and is getting plenty of his needed rest so he can bounce back stronger than ever. 😻❤
Thank you all again so much for your support. ❤ We couldn’t do what we do without you – thank you for helping us help these adorable critters! 🥰🐾❤