Driving out here in the countryside you get used to checking the sides of the road for ‘eyes’ and creatures. Especially at twilight. Deer, cats, foxes and even the odd wild boar 🐗
Sunday morning I collected Raquel and Sebastian from the train station. When turning a corner in one of the villages there was what looked at first like a black bin bag or piece of discarded clothing. It soon became apparent that it was a kitten lying there in the gutter 😢 To be honest it looked as though it was dead, maybe hit by a car.
We stopped to move it and an ear moved …. Time to get into rescue mode! The poor little fella was skin and bones, sore eyes and full of cold. Almost exactly the same as Little Boy Blue was found a couple of weeks back.
He was taken to the vet, tested for Panleukopenia, antibiotics given and he is now recovering and getting better daily 🙏 Sweet William, you are safe with us ❤️

UPDATE: 5. 10. 2021

William has gone to his new foster home with Fernanda 💕 He’s a confident and loving little boy who couldn’t be with the other kittens, as he isn’t vaccinated yet. It was sad seeing him alone in a room, he needed humans to cuddle and after just one day he has won their hearts 🥰 And he found the laptop 🤣