Jessy is one of the most gentle and sweetest dogs we have ever met. Jessy´s back paw got smashed in a car accident. We rescued her from the same shelter as Benjamin Button, so she also never had a chance to get her paw properly fixed. Jessy has an appointment booked with an orthopedic specialist. These appointments are very expensive. We would be so happy if you could donate towards Jessy´s vet bill ❤️❤️ Thank you.

UPDATE: 7. 9. 2021

Last week we took our two poorly paws to the orthopedic specialist, Jessy and Benjamin Button 🐾💕
Jessy’s injury was quite recent and has healed well, she now puts her weight on the leg and there really is nothing else to be done for her. Watch out for some amazing Jessy news in the coming days 😉

HAPPY TAILS: 19. 9. 2021

Happy Tails to Jessy who found her new home with Rachel 🐾💖🐾
Jessy was part of our ‘Paw Patrol’, we needed to get her injured paw looked at before she could be adopted. Prior to her consultation, Rachel had already visited her and felt a connection 🥰
Rachel has two kitties so needed a dog friend that could also be a kitty friend. Rachel says, “She’s just the best dog. Loves her walks, curious, but kind to the cats, total lap dog. I love her ❤️”
Jessy has a beautiful new name, Ruthie 💕 Have a wonderful life sweet Ruthie 💖