Přijata do azylu: 16.9.2021
Původ: veterina Salvus v Mladé Boleslavi
Váha: 3.8 kg

Kitty jsme přijali z veteriny, kam byla přinesena s tím, že má být uspána. Nebylo to však z důvodu žádného vážného onemocnění, nýbrž proto, že rušila hlasitým mňoukáním. Ujali jsme se jí a tak teď bydlí spokojeně v kuchyni spolu s fenkou Minnie, přátelí se s každou návštěvou a užívá si pozornosti a mazlení.


Entered shelter: 16.9.2021
Origin: vet Salvus in Mlada Boleslav
Weight: 3.8 kg

Today we received an unexpected call from a local vet – someone had taken a cat to be euthanized 😭 Not because she was sick, just because she would cry in the early morning, and the people decided their sleep was more important than this kitty’s life 😢 When Jaq went to pick kitty up, she found out the whole story: It turns out that the lady only had the cat for a month, she had taken the kitty when her sister was admitted to long term hospitalisation. Kitty was clearly just grieving, and instead of receiving the support she needed in this difficult time she was sentenced to death.
So, of course we decided to take her! ❤️ She has been checked at the vet, her blood results are good, she’s FIV/FeLV negative and she has been vaccinated. She is so sweet and so calm. 🐾💕
Now we desperately need to find a foster home for her so she can decompress. She has been through so much – losing her owner to poor health, then being betrayed, and now passed off to yet another unknown environment. 💔 And through it all she has been so strong. 💕 We would love it if some loving person could step up to finally give kitty the love and support she needs to process all that has happened, and prepare for a new life in a loving forever home. ❤

UPDATE: 28. 9. 2021

It’s been almost two weeks since getting the call to help a kitty that was taken to the vet to be euthanized. We put out an urgent request for foster and although we had a few people willing to help, in the end, they didn’t work out 😞
Kitty has taken over the kitchen where she is happy to get strokes and pets from everyone who visits ❤️ She doesn’t even mind dogs, so Fenia has become her new buddy 🙂 All Kitty needs is love 💕
We don’t know what will happen in her future. It took a few days for her to settle here. She is happy and it seems a shame to move her again. We’ll take it one day at a time ☺️ Kitty will be looking forward to meeting and greeting people on our open day ❤️

UPDATE: 13. 10. 2023

Kitty 😻
Queen of the kitchen during the day 👑 Mouser by night 🐭 Went for her yearly check up and vaccine. We are pleased to say her blood work is great and she is extremely healthy 🙏💪
The vet remembered her and her story of how she was taken there to be euthanised 😢 Kitty has been here for two years and she’s now 13 years old. Kitty is the coolest cat on earth and we could have found her a home long ago. But Kitty loves being here at Cool Critters, Kitty loves people and attention 😻 Kitty is queen and long may she reign 👑