Meet Nobby, our problem child 😂
Nobby has been here for nine weeks. The first two weeks we spent avoiding getting eaten by him 😂 Many hours were spent trying to get him inside when he was in the garden, he was scared and pretty dangerous. Nobby was pure street dog, he is clever and wily. He knew all our tricks 🤦
Luckily for us, Nobby is extremely food motivated. It was always going to be slow with him. He had to learn to trust and to understand that humans are good.
It took weeks before we could put a collar on him, weeks more to put a long leash on him so we could catch him easily.
After eight weeks of being here he suddenly changed. He allows me to put a leash on him and he now comes for pets 😍 Patience is the key and I’m sure that Nobby will make an amazing companion for someone in the not too distant future. He’s actually a cute boy who just needs to understand love and kindness ❤️