Meet Djeku, the sweetest little kitty you ever could meet! ❤ Djeku is one lucky cat. 💕 She was outside, ill, and searching for someone to help her. By some miracle, she ended up on the doorstep of an incredible lady. 😻 Djeku didn’t give the lady much chance to take the situation in, as when she opened her door little Djeku scooted right inside and demanded help. 🐾 The lady stepped right up to the challenge, and got Djeku to an emergency vet for some much-needed fluids and a general health check. 💕 Unfortunately, at the follow up visit it was discovered that Djeku could have some more serious underlying issues with her health. 💔 With this daunting medical task and an inability to keep Djeku for much longer, the lady and her awesome friend started hunting for someone to help. And through the power of the internet, we got in contact! ❤🐾
Yesterday we took Djeku to our lovely vets at Nusle Clinic for a full health exam. She had a full blood panel run which ruled out basically all issues, but there was still something going on with little Djeku’s heart. She has a very rapid heartbeat and a potential murmur. So, we were referred to a cardiologist. Djeku will go this week for an initial scan to see if this condition is caused by the stress of whatever ordeal she went through before finding her savior, or if it is indicative of an underlying heart condition. No matter what the case, we will do whatever is needed to help her! ❤
Additionally, Djeku is very sweet – she most certainly is not a wild cat. She does not have a microchip, and she is about 2-3 years old. She was found in the Kačerov Prague 4 area, so we are working on getting fliers out there to see if maybe Djeku has a family who is missing her. If you know anyone missing a cat like Djeku, please get in touch with us. Until we can verify whether or not she has a home, Djeku will receive all the care she needs – both medically and love. ❤🐾🥰
If you would like to contribute, either to Djeku’s care or to any of our other critters, contributions can be made directly to our transparent bank account 2201832152 / 2010 or through our Darujme campaign: The critters thank you! 💕🐾🥰

UPDATE: 7. 10. 2021

We have managed to get an appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow for little Djeku.
Please keep her in your thoughts 💕🤞

UPDATE: 20. 10. 2021

Little Djeku went for an exam at the cardiologist and it was found that she has a heart defect which causes her heart to beat faster than usual.
Imagine two streets, you drive up one street, turn, and return down a parallel street. In the middle there is a shortcut, you take it.
This is the easiest way to explain it. Djeku has a shortcut in her hearts blood flow 😢
She is on medication and will have another examination next week to see if the drugs are helping 🙏 We will then get a prognosis.
Djeku is the master of hiding in places so that people can’t find her. Her latest trick is to sneak into the ottoman where pillows are stored 😂 Isn’t she just adorable? 💞

UPDATE: 3. 11. 2021

Cuddly little Djeku had her second cardiologist consultation this past Friday. The purpose was to evaluate how her condition reacted to the prescribed medicine and determine her long-term prognosis. We are so happy to announce that Djeku has been given a very good prognosis! 🎉❤
The medicine she was on helped stabilize her blood pressure. Going forward, Djeku will need to continue her medication to control her condition, as well as have yearly checks to monitor her health – but with this support she should live a normal life. 💕
Djeku will see the doctor again in 3 months to check her overall health, and if all is well she will be vaccinated, putting her on the road to be ready for adoption. 🥰
In the meantime, Djeku can go to foster. 🐾 While we have some fantastic foster families, we would love to potentially find someone looking at foster with view to adopt – that way Djeku can get used to her family while she finishes her vet stuff (vaccines, microchip, spay), and can stay with the people she gets used to. 🥰
💕 A little more about Djeku: Since her arrival, Djeku has come out of her shell. No longer a scared kitty, she now LOVES people and attention.😻 She purrs like a motor boat, gives tons of head bumps, and adores being petted. ❤ Djeku also appreciates the comfier things in life – as you can see in the photos, she found the chest of blankets and pillows in her room and made it into her favorite napping nest! 😻
If you think you could be Djeku’s person, please fill out one of our adoption applications and get in touch with us so we can tell you more about her and her medical history! ❤❤🥰