Little Ziti may look sad, but don’t let him fool you – he really is the sweetest teddy bear! 🥰 Ziti came to us from one of our rescue friends, Martina. Ziti had a rough start to life, so needed some caring people to help him decompress and learn how to trust. Enter our fantastic foster duo, Virginia and Cory! ❤
After some weeks with his loving foster family de-stressing, it was time for Ziti to be seen by the vet. The poor buddy had to fight off a pretty bad flea infestation from his time on the streets (next step – a bath to get all the flea dirt off – ICK!), and had swollen and tender mouth and gums. 💔 The lovely dental specialist Dr. Eliska at Nusle Clinic quickly saw Ziti and identified that he has some broken canines, and will need to undergo a full surgery on November 2nd to have them removed. Until then he is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to keep him comfy and get him ready for the procedure. 💕
Ziti’s surgery is going to come to about 4000 czk. We can’t wait for him to be past the procedure so he can be pain-free and be able to focus on becoming a happy house cat. 💕 If you would like to support our little Ziti, you can contribute to his dental surgery campaign on darujme:

We will keep posting updates here about this cuddly little buddy! ❤ Thank you from Ziti and all of us here at Cool Critters for your support! 😻🐾🥰

UPDATE: 3. 11. 2021

Ziti has had his tooth surgery and this poor buddy had to have four teeth extracted 😢
Thank you to everyone who donated towards his surgery 💕💕💕 We hope to show you photos of a more cheerful Ziti once he has recovered 🙂 Thank you to Virgina and Cory for taking such good care of him 💕

UPDATE: 13. 1. 2022

Cool Critters suffered a heart-wrenching loss this weekend, when our beloved Ziti passed away unexpectedly. 💔
We always knew Ziti was a very special boy, from the moment he came to the sanctuary. His sad teddy-bear eyes held a deep soul who just wanted to love and be loved. He had already won the heart of his rescuer, who had cared for him for awhile and nursed him back to health. He came to us to continue his journey to full health and comfort. Because of the extra care he needed, Ziti went to stay with the incredible foster duo, Virginia and Cory.
Ziti spent nearly 4 months in their care, being carefully coaxed out of his shell and given all the TLC he needed to not only regain his health, but his confidence as well. Progress was slow, but Ziti’s new Mom and Dad brought the love to him, and he blossomed. He started gaining the confidence to explore outside of his room just a little, and discovered how much he LOVED snuggles. He got spoiled with yummy treats, awesome head scratch sessions, and plenty of cuddles and love. For a cat who had never known security before, this was heaven.
Ziti’s health issues unfortunately ran deeper than anyone knew. Like in humans, cats can suffer unpredicted cardiac events, and Ziti unfortunately suffered from an undetected cardiac condition that reared its ugly head over the weekend. Ziti passed away surrounded by love, in the arms of his Mom and Dad. Any death is horrible, but one so unexpected cuts deep in all those involved. Ziti took a huge chunk of all of our hearts with him when he left, but we find some comfort in knowing that he gained a lifetime of love from his family in the time he spent with them. He passed knowing what having a family is, and engulfed in all the love a cat could ever hope for.
Rest in peace Ziti, we miss you so much. You will never be forgotten. ❤🐾🌈