💕🐾 Meet Ziti! 💕🐾

Little Ziti may look sad, but don’t let him fool you – he really is the sweetest teddy bear! 🥰 Ziti came to us from one of our rescue friends, Martina. Ziti had a rough start to life, so needed some caring people to help him decompress and learn how to trust. Enter our fantastic foster duo, Virginia and Cory! ❤
After some weeks with his loving foster family de-stressing, it was time for Ziti to be seen by the vet. The poor buddy had to fight off a pretty bad flea infestation from his time on the streets (next step – a bath to get all the flea dirt off – ICK!), and had swollen and tender mouth and gums. 💔 The lovely dental specialist Dr. Eliska at Nusle Clinic quickly saw Ziti and identified that he has some broken canines, and will need to undergo a full surgery on November 2nd to have them removed. Until then he is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to keep him comfy and get him ready for the procedure. 💕
Ziti’s surgery is going to come to about 4000 czk. We can’t wait for him to be past the procedure so he can be pain-free and be able to focus on becoming a happy house cat. 💕 If you would like to support our little Ziti, you can contribute to his dental surgery campaign on darujme:


We will keep posting updates here about this cuddly little buddy! ❤ Thank you from Ziti and all of us here at Cool Critters for your support! 😻🐾🥰

UPDATE: 3. 11. 2021

Ziti has had his tooth surgery and this poor buddy had to have four teeth extracted 😢
Thank you to everyone who donated towards his surgery 💕💕💕 We hope to show you photos of a more cheerful Ziti once he has recovered 🙂 Thank you to Virgina and Cory for taking such good care of him 💕