Meet Dumpling, Knedlik, Donald or Chonky ❤️ This boy has gained so many names since he arrived a few weeks back 😂
Firstly, I had never seen a dog shaped like a box on legs, he is completely rectangular 😃 Secondly, they say that you should be wary of the quiet ones, I haven’t heard this dog bark yet 🤫🤫
When he first came he was like a statue, just in one place and really didn’t move much. As time is going on you can see him evolve, like a butterfly coming out of it’s chrysalis. He’s started to run, and he needs it, as he isn’t nicknamed Chonky for no reason 😃 💞
He’s quiet, takes it all in. He’s working it all out behind those wise eyes. The more I get to know him the more affectionate he becomes. He knows sit and paw, he definitely had a home once upon a time 😢😢
What happened to you buddy? What happened to your people? Such a gentleman and a sweet dog. We will find you a wonderful new home 💕