Meiga was found sick on the side of the road. She is a really sweet cat that enjoys sleeping in the sun, playing a bit, and being pet (when she feels like it she demands attention!). Meiga is a middle-aged cat, probably something around 8, though it is difficult to estimate for sure. For a while, it was a mystery what was
causing her to be so ill. After many tests, it has been determined that she likely has a food allergy.
Little miss Meiga is doing well on her new hypoallergenic diet. She seems to have a bit more energy and her confidence is growing. She has a beautiful purr and will purr for hours while being petted 🥰🥰🥰.
Meiga will be up for adoption by late June/Jul

HAPPY TAILS: 5. 11. 2021

😻❤🐾 Happy tails to Meiga!! 😻❤🐾
Miss Meiga came to us at the beginning of this year after being rescued from the streets by a kind person. 💕 Meiga was quite ill when she first came in, and required a lot of TLC from her incredible foster parents, Raquel and Sebastian, to get better. ❤After a long road to recovery under their careful watch and support, Meiga was finally able to start looking for her forever home! 🥰 The only issue was, Meiga’s time on the streets had left her wary of new humans. She was shy and required a patient person to gain her trust. Enter Liz! During their first meeting, Meiga sensed Liz’s good nature and already came out to interact with her. 🥰
With Liz’s heart stolen, it was time for Meiga to win over her new kitty sibling! After a foster trial, the two kitties decided they could live together, and Meiga became an official member of the family! 😻
As you can see from these photos, Meiga is no longer the shy, sickly kitty she was when she first arrived. She is now a confident cuddle bug who adores her human and kitty family members, and who has an amazing life ahead of her. ❤ Happy tails sweet girl, we wish you and your family all the best! 😻🥰🐾