Mia and Méďa were bottle babies, raised by our good friend Mari ❤️ They came to us once they were weaned and we soon found them a wonderful foster home 🏠🥰
They went to the vet today for microchips and they were so brave, until Mia tried to eat the nurse 😂 They are healthy, fully vaccinated and we apologise for not introducing them before, their foster parents say they never stay still 😉 You would really find it hard to meet such loving little fluffballs like these siblings. They truly are adorable 💓

HAPPY TAILS: 18.11.2021

❤🐾 Happy tails to Meda and Mia!! ❤🐾
Meda and Mia are a cute kitty duo that were looking for their forever home together. After going to foster, their foster mom decided she just couldn’t let them go! 🥰 It turns out Meda and Mia were home all along. 😻 Now bigger kitties, Meda and Mia are inseparable! They sleep together, make mischief together, and are incredible little personalities. 💕 They love climbing all over their kitty tree, running races around the house, and just being the cutest! 🐾 They have a very happy life ahead of them. ❤
Happy tails Meda and Mia! 🥰 We wish you and your new family a lifetime of love and kitty happiness! 🐾❤