A few weeks ago, a lady from Milovice contacted us to take a pregnant kitty. The local authorities were contacted, the cat was put on psidetektiv but, no one came forward to claim her 😢
We named her Elsa ❤️ She was taken to the vet for an ultrasound to check how far along she was. Imagine to our surprise, she wasn’t pregnant 🤔 She was just full of worms 🤢 Elsa is a big cat and we can understand why it was believed she was pregnant. Elsa will stay in our care until her owner comes forward or we will find a new home for her ❤️

UPDATE: 4. 1. 2022

Do you remember Elsa, the cat that came to us late last year and we thought she was pregnant?
Well, it turns out that she was just fat 🤣 which was great news 🥰 Elsa went to foster with Maggie and her partner and shortly afterwards she was spayed.
Now, on the day of the spay, Elsa turned into a roaring lion once she had woken from the anesthesia. The poor vets were terrified of her. This 4.8kg of fluff turned into a monster 👹
Elsa was taken back to the foster with a warning that she was not a ‘happy bunny’. The fosters took due care and by morning Elsa was fine. Elsa kind of looked like a trussed turkey in her spay suit 🤣 And three days later she had started to wiggle herself out of it 🙈 It took Maggie and her partner two hours of gentle manoeuvres to get her out of it 💪💪
Peace and tranquility have returned 💞