A few weeks ago, a lady from Milovice contacted us to take a pregnant kitty. The local authorities were contacted, the cat was put on psidetektiv but, no one came forward to claim her 😢
We named her Elsa ❤️ She was taken to the vet for an ultrasound to check how far along she was. Imagine to our surprise, she wasn’t pregnant 🤔 She was just full of worms 🤢 Elsa is a big cat and we can understand why it was believed she was pregnant. Elsa will stay in our care until her owner comes forward or we will find a new home for her ❤️

UPDATE: 4. 1. 2022

Do you remember Elsa, the cat that came to us late last year and we thought she was pregnant?
Well, it turns out that she was just fat 🤣 which was great news 🥰 Elsa went to foster with Maggie and her partner and shortly afterwards she was spayed.
Now, on the day of the spay, Elsa turned into a roaring lion once she had woken from the anesthesia. The poor vets were terrified of her. This 4.8kg of fluff turned into a monster 👹
Elsa was taken back to the foster with a warning that she was not a ‘happy bunny’. The fosters took due care and by morning Elsa was fine. Elsa kind of looked like a trussed turkey in her spay suit 🤣 And three days later she had started to wiggle herself out of it 🙈 It took Maggie and her partner two hours of gentle manoeuvres to get her out of it 💪💪
Peace and tranquility have returned 💞

UPDATE: 9. 3. 2022

❤🐾 Introducing Elsa: The first ever guard cat! ❤🐾

Little Miss Elsa is a cat who is larger than life, in charge, and knows what she wants! She wants you! 😻
Elsa is a unique cat. She is an independent lady who is not crazy about pats, but she is crazy about her people in her own way. She loves to be close to you and to be involved in your life – she will follow you around the house supervising you! ❤ And occasionally, when the mood strikes, this also includes the odd cuddle here and there. Just because she doesn’t like full-on cuddles doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to touch you – she is the master of head bumps and leaning on you. She just doesn’t want to be smothered 😉
Around the house when she isn’t supervising her humans she’s mellow and relaxed. She does appreciate a good routine though – particularly when it comes to meal times. You can bet she’ll let you know if you’re late for dinner! 😸

Now, reading all this you’re probably thinking, why was she introduced as the first-ever guard cat? Here’s what her foster mom says: “Elsa also acts like a guard dog when the doorbell rings or she hears anyone in the hallway. She charges at the door and growls. It’s hilarious!” 😹 🐾
So, if you’re looking for a new home supervisor and security expert, it’s safe to say Elsa is the cat for you! 😽
We do not feel that Elsa would be comfortable in a home with small children. Ideally she would be happy with a family with older kids or adults that respect her boundaries. In a respectful environment we know that Elsa will be the most wonderful companion! 🥰
If you think Elsa is the perfect addition to your home, then please fill out an adoption application (found in the ‘About’ section of our Facebook profile) and send us a DM. Elsa is looking forward to supervising you! 😸❤🐾