Happy Tails to Laurie who found her home with Lucka🐾💖🐾

It was really not easy to let Laurie go, because she was one of the best dogs we have ever had in our sanctuary. She was every day so happy and cuddly and literally everyone who met her fell in love with Laurie – even cat people. We called her the “catdog” 🙂🙂 So when Lucka came along and asked to foster her, we gave it a try. Lucka has the heart on the right spot and she always dreamed about owning her own dog, so how can we say no to that💕 This is truly a match made in heaven. Laurie, now Lori, meets lots of different people and dogs every day, she visits all the fancy places in Prague, she was on a camp with lots of kids and she discovered her passion for music 😀 Just look at that face 😊😊😊

Have a wonderful life sweet girl, we miss you a lot 💕